Hire a Wedding Photographer

Check Their Portfolio Another way to judge if a photographer has good skills is to ask them to show their past work. Actually, professional photographers have a portfolio for their clients. You can find this portfolio on their social media pages, blog or website. Photography Style Every photographer has their own style when it comes […]

Refurbished Photo Printers

Photo printers are sent to printer companies for refurbishment. The companies refurbish each photo printer to its original condition. During the process of refurbishing, the manufacturers thoroughly check each and every part of the printer and replace all the parts which are below the tolerant standards, and then check for quality and performance. In most […]

Select Mats and Frames

Know what you are getting The biggest problem with most reasonably priced frames on the market is that they do not state whether or not the supplied mat is naturally acid-free, buffered PH, to control acid, or preservation quality, which is the top of the line. You will find more details and description of different […]

Slow Down Before Shoot

By simply pointing and shooting you not only risk the possibility of camera shake and movement blur, but you also miss other opportunities to enhance your photographic creativity. After all, what is the point of simply seeing and snapping a picture with your digital camera. Some models have “shutter lag” in any case, which will […]

Take Better Portrait Photos

Choose the right background: A portrait photo is all about the object’s face. The most important part of the photo is the face. Choosing the right background can make sure the viewer is focused on the face. Pick a neutral background that does not attract attention. For example a soft solid color background is better than […]

Deadly Sins of Photoshop Composition

Feathered edges. When you make a selection, using the dancing ants around an area you wish to move, change, color or otherwise edit, you have to feather the edge by at least 2-3 pixels (depending on the resolution of your image), in order to avoid the jagged edges we so often see in photo montages. […]

Nice Shot of Baby

First, let me advise you never to use a wide angle lens for a baby picture. The foreshortening of a 28mm focal length lens will be sure to (1) make the baby’s nose appear larger, (2) reduce the size of their ears to looking smaller and out of shape, and (3) probably cause an overexposure […]

Photoshop Pencil Portrait

There are some things that can be done in advance before the photograph is taken to help give a more pleasing result. For instance, having a white background helps to have a cleaner separation of the subject. Also, having the subject wear white (or some other light color) clothing is a big plus as it […]

Travel and Scenic Photography

First off, equipment. As much as the cheapo disposable camera beckons, get real. These cameras have fisheye lenses which I call “spam” lenses. They cram everything in, with equal blurriness and boringness. Good photos are sharp, unless you use blur for artistic effect. Sharp comes from an adjustable lens. It can be a fixed lens […]

Nude Art Photography

The aesthetic value of nude photography and its boundary to erotic photography can only be determined with difficulty and inter-subjectively and is also affected by its numerous overlaps with pornography. In consequence, nude photography and erotic photography always find themselves branded in multiple ways, and labelled as works of artistic freedom, aesthetics, kitsch, junk or […]