Become A Digital Photography Pro

Take a class. Yes, we just said you don’t want to go to school to learn. But, we aren’t talking about a lot of classes, just one or two. This will help you learn about exposures, lighting, horizontal lines, flashes…. You get the idea. Most community colleges offer these types of classes to the public. […]

Guide to Underwater Cameras

The “”amphibious”” cameras are probably best for those of you who want a simple, easy-to-use point-and-shoot camera. Amphibious systems usually have a built-in lens and they will take pictures on land as well as underwater. They also have an automatic film load and advance and are generally compact, lightweight, and rugged. If you are a […]

Photographic Jargon Explained

Intuition is in the driver’s seat, training, knowledge, experience and rational thought are at the back of the bus. More than likely playing strip poker or engaged in some other childish pursuit. It is the street photographer’s nirvana. They are one with the street. They are part of and at the same time removed from […]

Photography Success Without School

For one thing, my mentor taught me the Three Classic Elements to produce “salable portraits.” “Salable” is an industry term every photographer quickly becomes familiar with to distinguish between the everyday reality of making money versus creating those “artistic competition” or “award winning prints” which don’t earn the money. I’ve been in the business for […]

Make Money With Your Photographs

The first of the five ways to make money with your photography is by taking photos for calendars. The easiest way to find a calendar publisher for your photos is to simply pick up a calendar and find out who published it. Many times there is a contact phone number on the calendar and you […]

Patterns in Nature

This attention to detail undoubtedly brings wonder and is certainly worth taking a little time for a closer look. Indeed when this attention is applied to even the most commonplace of nature subjects there is clearly an extraordinary display of beauty and orderliness to be found. These combine to create patterns in nature that require […]

Put Colors in Photograph

To achieve this effect, we will need to colorize using Paint Shop Pro. According to Bill Brewer, “colorizing is a feature built into PSP that keeps the luminance values (the bright and dark parts that make up the recognizable image) and colors the image with one color. The image to be colorized needs to have […]

Start a Photo Journal

Just a few years ago, only the technically gifted could easily put together a photo journal. However now, anyone who wants to start their own photo journal can easily and quickly put one together. There are free services like [], and a few others that provide very easy photo journaling services that are free. However, […]

Complementary and Harmonious Colors

The great physicist James Maxwell in 1859 demonstrated that each color could be obtained starting from just three colored light beams, one red, one green and another blue. By over-projecting these three beams on a white screen and by carefully dosing their intensities, any color could be attained. This is the basis of the aptly […]

Find A Photography Tax Advisor

Some people mistakenly think they can turn to a neighbor, or Uncle Jim, or that retired bookkeeper down the block, who is “good at taxes.” The price might be right, but for photographers who go this route, it costs them in the long run. Moreover, they’re opening their checkbook to educate this tax-help person, since […]