Buying Fine Art Posters

I would love to fill my home with original artwork, but I’m not wealthy enough to do that. Fortunately, I’ve found that I can add a touch of beauty to my home at a reasonable price through fine art posters. I can get everything from famous masterpieces by Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso and lesser-known […]

World of Digital Video Cameras

Digital video cameras are extremely simple to use. They are lightweight and compact. Also, the transfer of video data to your computer for editing is extremely simplified in a digital video camera using today’s Firewire cables. So, now the question arises that how does one go about choosing a camera for himself/herself? Before you go […]

Vibration Reduction

“A key way that manufacturers have been able to get around the digital noise produced with small sensors in consumer digital cameras is to add vibration technology. This is accomplished on the low end by adding this technology into the consumer digital cameras and on the high end into the lenses themselves. Sometimes Vibration Reduction […]

Get the Best in Digital Lighting

Determining color and brightness is processed through number-value counts of grid pixel from the digital photograph prints, after computer divides the screen and print page into grid pixels. Controlling grid of each pixel this way is bit mapping, and “bit-maps” are the produced digital images. Purchasing a digital camera starts to digital photography. Hundreds are […]

Photography Business Marketing

There are two kinds of photography businesses that you can set up. It can be either Assignment photography or Stock photography. In both cases, the name explains it all. Assignment photography is the kind of business where you are assigned or hired to take photographs of something. It can be any event or just someone. […]

Polarizing Filters

Although armed with such good intentions, buying a polarizing filter may lead to confusion. There are a lot of different types, and you might encounter up to 7, including: C – PL, MC – CPL, Wide C – PL, Water Proof Coat C-PL, DHG C – PL. How do they differ? The first filter, called […]

Light Painting Technique

I was looking at a few photos on a photo web site, and I must say that I am amazed at the quality of some of the photos that were exhibited there. Especially interesting to me was a set of pictures taken by a photographer that had the look of the “old world” Dutch master […]

Being More Photogenic

If you observe men and women standing naturally without ANY coaching, you’ll notice there is a BIG difference between how they stand. Women naturally shift weight to one foot. Doing so angles the body slightly, tips the shoulders a little, and angles the head just a bit. This stance immediately adds dimension to any photo, […]

Convex or Flat

Over the years I have studied and usually repaired more than 3000 of these pieces and have noted their constitution. May of these prints are convex, oval and hand colored. Others look like flat black and white or brown tone prints. Some look like drawings where as others look just like a large photograph. All […]