Choose Photo Printer

The first kind of photo printer is the smallest of the bunch and they are dedicated snapshot printers. They really only have one function and that is to quickly and easily print 4 X 6 snapshots from your camera’s digital photo files. All you have to do is just hook your digital camera up by […]

Single Portait Light Challenge

A single portrait light must be at least three feet wide and tall in order to have the light wrap around the skin for a flattering look as well as to supply visible modeling to the features of the face. Obversely, a source of light that is too wide will erase any benefit from shadows […]

Scanners Exposed

If you only need to grab some scans to send by email or put up on the Internet, then you can get the job done with a scanner in the $100 price range. If you are a professional photographer, or you want to print your scans to photographic paper or use them in commercial printing […]

About Photographing Birds

You don’t need to be an experienced birder to enjoy photographing birds,but you need to know your subjects – study birds and know their biology,travel patterns,habits, and behavior. The best way to start photographing birds is to begin in your backyard with subjects that are easily accessible.To attract birds – set up a feeding station […]

High Dynamic Range Imaging

Think of all the situations where you as a photographer face a little dilemma. Your shot has both a very bright and a very dark portion in it. An example of this might be when your subject is backlit: the subject is dark and the backdrop bright. You cannot accommodate a correct exposure of both the subject […]

Nude Digital Photography

Nude photography can be done showing either half or the entire body. This can be done in various poses and locations, which has made people perceive this to be pornography. There are no rules classifying one from the other and this will all depend on the opinion of the viewer. Anyone can shoot a nude […]

SlideShow Software

Ease of Use The slideshow software should be easy to master. WYSIWYG interface is most important. Do remember, we’re not experts in Flash. Our purpose is to make a slideshow as easily as possible. Features Transition effect is something attracting users most. Therefore, a large number of transitions are necessary, which make your slideshows more attractive. […]

About Low Light and Night Photography

Well, you will need a camera as well as charged batteries, that’s for sure. Also, a tripod is invaluable for exposures lasting greater than 1/30th second (1/60th in some cases). A torch, a decent lens and think about a remote shutter release – using long shutter speeds means the potential for camera shake and blurred […]

Avoid Skin Reflections in Portraits

Reflections from the skin of subjects can cause a good deal of bother and ruin the image for the photographer and model. Most times it is caused by harsh light falling on the subject and reflecting back to the camera. It can be made worse by certain skin tones and by types of make-up. It […]

Digital Art Made Easy

There are four basic levels of photo software. Freebee programs meant only to crop, change the color balance, and fix red eye in your pictures. A middle quality program uses a macro to change shapes, improve sharpness, and offer some filters for creating a few special effects, like crude oil paintings or black and white […]