Buy Extra Memory For Camera

The next step is to run through the images on your card in order to find the best ones to delete. As you peer at the LCD screen you attempt to decide which images are right for removal to the trash – blurred images, red eyes, poor composition. But it can be difficult. If you […]

Fisher Price Digital Camera

There are several levels of digital cameras on the market today and several are perfectly good entry-level models for children preschool age, up to teenagers. What should a parent consider when looking for a digital camera for their child? Ease of use, photo quality, automated features and durability are just a few criteria to consider. […]

Avoid Or Reduce Red-Eye

It can be noted here that the only important thing is that the users must ensure that the proper fixing of the angle between the flash beam and the lens axis. The general rule here is that the photographer must keep the angle wide enough that the light beam from the flash does not reflect […]

Photographing Wildlife

I can provide you with some tips that would come handy for you to get the best shots of animals and birds in the wild. Start by targeting moving targets that would make you respond efficiently to those dramatic photographs with a sense of speed. Always keep your camera handy and set up for unexpected […]

Art of Communion Portraits

For these reasons, a natural, happy face takes precedence over creativity in posing. Communion poses are studies in confidence and naturalness. An ideal session starts with a standing full length pose holding the missal and rosary beads. Girls have their weight on the back foot, their front knee slightly bent toward the camera. Boys stand […]