Fixing Red Eye With Adobe Photoshop

Red eye is caused by the light from camera’s flash reflecting off of the retina in the back of the eye. In low light conditions the iris of the eye is larger providing for a larger surface to appear red in your photos. Unfortunately, it is in low light conditions that a flash is needed […]

Immature Photographer

Thinking back, I was very naive and, yes, immature in the past. My first camera was a Zenit E. It weighed a ton but it took photographs. After I had bought it and loaded the film, I set about taking photographs. I didn’t stray far. No further than my house really. The result was a […]

Specialized Styles

Wildlife Photography Wildlife photography is often assumed to be an exciting and high adventure genre of photography. In reality it is extremely challenging and wildlife photographers find themselves at the mercy of inclement weather and sometimes even face danger. Here are some suggestions for this specialized form of photography. Understand the life form that you […]

Comparing Built-In Flash to External Flash

Flash Heads When it comes to physically setting up an external flash, most come with swivel and bounce heads, to allow more realistic and softer lighting effects by bouncing light from a white card or reflector above or to the side of the subject. These are things that a pop-up flash cannot do. Zoom heads […]

Corrective Portraiture

Every characteristic of the face can be emphasized or minimized with the proper use of lighting, angle, lenses and view point. A broad light source ‘wraps around’ rough or pitted skin, making it appear smoother. Conversely, a small source of light increases the effect of texture and brings out the surface corrugations of the skin. […]

On-Line Photo Galleries

If you are just starting out you can sign up with a free site to test the process. These sites usually limit entries to three or four dozen images. You also have to put up with boundless advertising accompanying your page. You need to be aware that professional photobuyers rarely frequent these kinds of sites. […]

Using Shutter Speed to Control Motion

Freezing Action You’re at the Indy 500 watching your favourite racer approach the finish line, and you want to capture the car, in all its detail, and the look on the face of the driver, just before he crosses the finish line! Capturing such a shot on your camera is an example of freezing action. […]

Take Pictures That Look Like Postcards

Consider Your Goals The first step is to know what you’re aiming for. What is your ideal? What is the aesthetic standard you want to match? Collect postcards that personally appeal to you, and create a library of your favorite landscape and landmark photography. Look through this library occasionally to get inspiration. Consider Composition Don’t […]

Underwater Fish Cameras

Underwater fish cameras have advanced sensors and high performance digital signal processors that provide color rolling and wide dynamic ranges. The digital AGC control enables a crisp camera image. The AGC function also provides clear images in low- light conditions. The auto high speed, white balance zero rolling helps to adjust to any light condition. […]

Between an SLR Cameras Over Film Cameras

This will mean additional cost and take more of your time and effort. Of course it is an obvious fact that Film Cameras require films that are quite a hassle to bring around. It also means extra money to purchase a film let alone having it developed when you are done. Also the unavailability of […]