Natural Light Still Life

Indoors, as outdoors, I usually work with natural light. For the most part, no special lights are required for beautiful indoor photographs if you have a nice sunny window. In my house, the light in the eastern sun room is nicely diffused in the afternoon and this serves as a good start for lighting the […]

Aperture, Shutter Speed and Focus

APERTURE As the name suggests, the lens aperture is an opening. This opening is controllable by the photographer who determines whether a lot of light (large aperture) or a little light (small aperture) is to make its way through to the film plane or CCD. By using the aperture ring, the photographer selects a ‘f-stop’ […]

Getting Sharp Pictures Without a Tripod

Use a fast shutter speed Use the fastest shutter speed that you can. The longest shutter speed that will guarantee pin sharp images is 1/60. Some people will claim that they can get sharp images at 1/30 or even 1/15 – don’t listen to them. Consider your lens The focal length of your lens is […]

Double Lighting

First, the color is more intense. The main light strikes the subject at an angle, sending the reflected, colorless light off axis, away from the lens. Except for highlights, the absorbed and scattered light entering the lens contains only saturated color. The light on the camera serves two purposes: to keep the density level of […]

Photograph Sunsets

Now that fall has arrived, the sunsets are more intense, more colorful and infinitely more beautiful. The golden glow in the western sky of an autumn evening can be something to behold. The fire in the sky is an invitation to grab the camera and head for the open fields. Yep, we all, and I […]

Buy Digital Camera Lenses

Choosing a Suitable Focal Length Focal length is probably the most important factor that should be considered when choosing a lens, and for good reason: focal lengths determine the field-of-view of the photos you will be able to take successfully with your camera. The two main types of focal length are telephoto and wide-angle, and […]

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

As time changes, there is a new concept which is trending. This new trend is called pre-wedding photoshoots. Everyone wants to flaunt about how they met and how their love story started and what better way to tell this through a pre-wedding photo shoot. Photographs are the best way to showcase anything. Every photograph has […]

Formatting Memory Card

Another possible cause for corruption can be by taking the memory card out of the camera before it has finished saving the files to it. This has been overcome in a lot of newer cameras but you should always make sure that the camera is turned off first. By formatting your card you do a […]

Photographing The Moon In The Landscape

When embarking on a night photography trip, there are standard types of equipment that you will need to take with you. A 35mm camera that will allow you to manually set very long exposure times is a must A good, sturdy tripod is mandatory A cable release A good carrying case or a vest with […]