Passionate Organizing

Decide how you want to organise your photographs Without a system, you’ll just get a list of meaningless file names. The longer this goes on, the harder it will be for you to find the photos that you want. You’ve got to have a system – a way of organising – one that suits you. […]

Beginning Studio Lighting

First of all, you must decide what types of lights to purchase. There are two basic types: Tungsten or Strobes. Tungsten lights are continuous photofloods, which tend to generate a lot of heat. Strobes are flash units. I personally use strobes and really like them. More specifically, I use the Alien Bees B800’s. I love […]

Props For Studio

Some of my favorite props have been and 1890s tricycle, a 1910 iron and wood sleigh, a white wicker sleigh/bassinette and a couple of faux marble columns. The wicker sleigh made it easy to prop up wobbly babies and when leveled with foam and a blanket, supplied a nice base for tummy shots. Of course […]

Selecting Good Stock Photography

High speed Internet connections. CD’s. Searchable Archives. Royalty-free stock. These elements have changed the face of communication design forever. The quality, quantity, affordability and accessibility of stock imagery have made it the resource of choice for many organizations. The advantages of instantaneous access to searchable archives of good images are numerous. Speed :: We can […]

Take Better Photos of Your Baby or Toddler

When I had my first baby 4 years ago, I became extremely interested in photography. I wanted to capture every precious moment and every important milestone on film. I am sure you are just like me in wanting to take these same precious photos of your baby or toddler. I now use a digital camera […]

Photographing Kids

Making The Unusual Usual Friends with children often say to me “My child always pulls faces for the camera and I can’t get a picture without little Johnny sticking his tongue out and crossing his eyes.” Kids –and many adults as well– are prone to hamming it up for the camera, however, they will be […]

Flash Photo Albums

Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder is a powerful easy-to-use utility to create stunning Flash slideshows from your still photo images, complete with music, photo motion & transition effects and special photo album templates. With this Flash Slideshow software, you can take your own digital photos and music, and easily turn them into an engaging Flash slide […]

Female Form Photography

Female form photography is almost as it suggests. It is the capturing of the female form image while she poses for photographic purposes. There are many competent photographers today with established photography businesses specializing in different modes of female form photography. These modes include both commercial and artistic strands, often both in one. As indicated […]

Simplified Studio Lighting

Our typical lighting scheme consists of three strobe lights with a forth strobe “hair light” used as needed. First, the key light is the main light source in the lighting scheme and is used to contour the face and add depth and interest to the subject. The key light is what enables the three dimensional […]

Effective use of Flash

As with any other technology knowing how it works behind the scenes and what your options are can help in better utilizing it for your advantage. Flash photography has been around for more than a hundred years. It started with a dangerous and manually controlled technology that used a powder that was lit by either […]