Tools for Image Editing

The cropping tool can eliminate unwanted areas, emphasize the main interest and arrange the centers of interest in a more pleasing location. Most photos are taken too far away to show good impact so the cropping tool can help save these images from being mundane and less effective. The image adjustment tools of contrast and […]

Seamless High Performance

Some years ago, people used ordinary cameras to take pictures. But, those are bulky and inconvenient to handle and were not high in their performance, quality and durability. These conventional cameras are replaced by the sleek and space-conscious cheap digital cameras that allow the users to store, to record, remove and edit the pictures according […]

Comparing Digital and Film

What a study in contrasts! The one photographer shooting in rapid succession with his digital camera while the other photographer only pressing the shutter at the right time – definitely anticipating the photograph due to a limited resource, film. Perhaps I was observing something deeper. Would the skill of anticipating a photograph be lost by […]

Deal With Backlighting

You know the scenario: your friend is sitting in your conservatory with the windows behind her. You take the picture and she is darkened and silhouetted. The backlighting has fooled your camera and the wrong exposure (for your subject) has been selected. The reason for this is all down to your camera. The meter in […]

Unsharp Mask Demystified

There are many techniques for sharpening a digital image, each with pros and cons. The following steps and ideas for using Unsharp Mask apply to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Elements. Radius: In general, if you have a low resolution image (fewer dpis) then you need a lower Radius – try setting it to 0.3; if […]

Taking Sharp Photos

Do what professionals do: Use a tripod or monopod, especially when the light gets low. When using the tripod with the camera shutter speed at a slow setting, use a remote release or the self-timer–that way you don’t have to touch the camera at all. But what about those times when you really can’t do […]

Film Speed Effectively

Film speed is a number that represents the film’s sensitively to light. The higher the number the more sensitive to light, in that the less light is needed to take a well exposed photo. The number is also an indicator of the detail you will receive from the negative. The higher the number the more […]

Use A Tripod

On sunny days or when you use a really fast shutter speed, simply holding the camera in your hand will still produce a sharp image. But there’s another reason for using a tripod on these occasions as well. Erecting the tripod causes you to SLOW DOWN and think a little more about the shot you’re […]

Seeing Without A Camera

Seeing is Throwing Out Labels The first part of truly seeing is to throw out labels and to remove barriers. It involves challenging accepted ways of doing things so that we don’t become creatures of habit. Freeman Patterson feels that, “We avoid introducing new factors, technical or emotional, into our photographs for fear that we […]