Add Effects And Spice To Life

Photo effects can sometimes be funky like backgrounds, frames, borders, texts and animations. These effects are mainly found on photo effects websites or basic photo effects applications. But the more advanced effects are bundled in packs provided with expensive photo-editing software applications. In order to add effects to photos efficiently, one must know the wide variety of options available to him in terms of photo editing. Some of these advanced yet highly effective photo effects are the halftone effect, mosaic effect, stained glass effect, watercolor effect, blurred effect, displacement effect, silhouette effect and many more. It is difficult to imagine what proper effects can do to a photo. From creating rainbows on a clear blue sky to age-progression of a young woman up to her old age, photo editing can achieve any imaginable result.

Professional graphics designers will tell you that it is best not to tinker much with a beautiful photograph. Minimalist is the new trend. The aim of the photo-editor is to add photo effects as less as possible, so that the beauty of the original photo isn’t overshadowed. It should be kept in mind that editing is for enhancing the photograph, not overshadow it. Sometimes, a simple black-and-white color tone or a sepia effect is enough to achieve the desired output.

The purpose of photo editing can be diverse. A social network enthusiast may only be interested in creating a funny tagline on his/her friend’s photo to be shared on his/her social network profile. On the other hand, a fashion photographer may be trying to apply the final touches to the model’s face he had clicked. It is interesting to note that both the users are trying to add effects to photos, but their purpose and way of doing work are radically different. While an amateur just wants to add effects to photos for fun, a professional photo-editor wants to use the advanced special effects to create a stunning portrait or landscape.

One cannot help but wonder about the websites or applications that support functionalities of adding chosen effects to photos. As end-users we only see the front end and are concerned with the functionalities. But nobody cares about the thousands of lines of code that has been written or the hard work that has been put in, just to ensure that we can add effects to photos. Whenever one wants to add effects to photos, he/she should at least consider the intricate background mechanism going on behind this simple task.