World of Digital Video Cameras

Digital video cameras are extremely simple to use. They are lightweight and compact. Also, the transfer of video data to your computer for editing is extremely simplified in a digital video camera using today’s Firewire cables. So, now the question arises that how does one go about choosing a camera for himself/herself? Before you go […]

Camera Gear Safe

Especially in strange or difficult areas you should consider carrying your equipment in a universal unmarked holdall. This will reduce the chances of people knowing that your expensive equipment is inside. Ensure that you don’t leave equipment alone even for a minute. Especially when you are distracted, thieves will strike with lightening speed and once […]

Auto Exposure and Auto Focus

Exploring the information in slight more details it can be stated that auto exposure cameras are provided with a fixed focus lens or manual focus lens. These cameras are the simplest to set exposure. To obtain the correct exposure for a particular subject of photography, the only thing that needs to be done is to […]