Digital Online Photo Processing

Digital online photo processing is actually misleading. The photos are not processed with negatives as the word “processing” implies. When you take digital photos and store them on your computer in a usual way they are ready to be uploaded to a digital photo service. There are many companies that will print your digital photos […]

Create Silhouette

The basic end point you are trying to achieve is to underexpose your subject. The best way to do this, and for it to have some effect, is to have your subject against a bright background – the sky or a window and to expose for the background. When outdoors, point the camera at the […]

Types Of Underwater Cameras

The underwater cameras are almost similar to the cameras used on land. The only difference is their being waterproof. There are two types of underwater cameras, namely the housing system cameras and the amphibious cameras. Housing system cameras are considered superior for their accuracy of composition and adaptability in most underwater situations. The features also […]

Fill-in Flash Photography

If you’re shooting a portrait or close up where the subject fills the frame completely and your shooting in bright sunlight where the person is partly back-lit, the answer is most definitely yes! It will bring the image to life by making it stand out against the background, it will also light up the face […]

Light Readings Without a Light Meter

High Investment Trip For over 12 months I’d planned and prepared for this wilderness landscape photography trip to outback South Australia. I’d driven about a third of the way across the continent to get to my home base at Roxby Downs, a mining town in the arid desert. I’d driven on pastoral station roads for […]

Image Resolution

Image resolution explained: Photography resolution is a measurement of image quality, so you may define resolution by how much detail is in your print. If your print has sharp detail you may consider your image to be of good resolution. If detail is blur in your image you may consider your image to have poor […]

Get that Candid

The lure of the chase and the unexpected images resulting from it will keep you amused for hours. But taking a successful picture can be a bit tricky. Follow these simple rules to enhance your rewards: be prepared for anything:¬†things have a habit of happening just when you least expect it have your camera with […]

Extreme Digital Photography

The old camera wasn’t bad, but there were certain situations where it was difficult to get good pictures with it. When taking pictures at my son’s basketball games, for example, the camera would slow the shutter down to try to improve the exposure, and this would cause the fast-moving players to just look like a […]