Creative With a Compact

Many compacts lack some of the settings that a SLR might have. Or, if not, the settings are less easy to understand and select. In this way, you might find setting “aperture priority”, “shutter priority” or “manual” is near-on difficult.

In fact, you might not even understand what these terms mean! And, it doesn’t matter.

Because if you have your camera set on “Auto” or “Program” then you will already be in a position to take excellent pictures which show your creative side.

How? Because, by leaving aside the worry about which settings to choose and when, you can now focus on what makes one photographer better than another – creativity. Without the worry of setting up the camera you can now concentrate on finding the image that pleases you, composing the shot on the LCD screen and selecting the right moment to take the shot.

In fact, the pressure will now be on you to get decent shots and with you mind training on “selection, composition and timing” you will be able to show the world – and yourself – that getting a great picture is not so much dependent on the type of camera you own but more on the inspirational faculties of the owner.