Framing Fine Art Photographs

When framing your artwork, decide if you want a contemporary or traditional moulding. With fine art photography, you can never go wrong with a classic black frame, especially high quality gallery frames made from solid wood.

There are many other beautiful frames to choose from, so it’s worth bringing the image into a frame shop and playing around with the moulding corner samples. Maple and oak frames in black, natural or white and high-end aluminum frames are worth looking into for photographs. Even ornate gold leaf and silver leaf period frames that tend to be used with other kinds of art can work beautifully with photographs. Just make sure the frame and the photograph complement each other.

When looking at frames and mouldings, experiment with different frame widths and depths. Small photographs look great with big thick frames while large photographs can often look better with thinner, simpler frames.

And always remember to pay just as much attention to picking the proper mat. Matting and framing work together.

In addition to frame shops, flea markets and auction houses are great sources for one-of-a-kind frames. You can match subject with frame – a photograph of a country barn, for example, might look beautiful in a rustic, old peeling frame. Again, just be careful that the frame doesn’t overpower the image and that they work together as a unit.