Get that Candid

The lure of the chase and the unexpected images resulting from it will keep you amused for hours. But taking a successful picture can be a bit tricky. Follow these simple rules to enhance your rewards:

  • be prepared for anything:¬†things have a habit of happening just when you least expect it
  • have your camera with you always: without your equipment there will be no shot
  • watch people: their actions and expressions are what you are trying to capture
  • be bold: to get that shot you need to be there in the thick of things
  • be watchful: almost anyone can be the subject of candids
  • snap first, think later: the chance will pass you by if you let it
  • set a fast shutter: either your subject or you might be moving
  • use remote control if needed: this way, you can appear inconspicuous for some of your shots
  • act quickly: blink your eye and your moment is lost
  • use a long lens:¬†isolate you and your subject

Many photographers fail with candids through their shyness. Whilst it can be difficult to shoot candids, the more you try, the better it feels. Most subjects don’t mind you taking their photograph even if you are caught doing it.