Make Money With Your Photographs

The first of the five ways to make money with your photography is by taking photos for calendars. The easiest way to find a calendar publisher for your photos is to simply pick up a calendar and find out who published it. Many times there is a contact phone number on the calendar and you can use that to contact the publisher and find out what their needs and requirements are.

The next way to make money with your photography is by taking photos for greeting Cards. Hallmark is a major producer of greeting cards and they can be reached at: Hallmark Cards Plc, Bingley Road, Bradford, United Kingdom, BD9 6SD. They accept color and black and white images in all formats.

Another source of income to be made with your photography is by selling your photos to photographic magazines. Usually photos are purchased with descriptive text highlighting exactly how the photo was taken and processed.

You can also sell your photos to a stock library. A stock library is an organization that sells your photo directly to a publisher thus freeing you from having to try and sell them yourself. However, there is a cost involved and it usually runs about 50% of your commission.

Finally, you photographic contests can be an excellent way to make money from your photography. Winners are often awarded a variety of great prizes including cruises, new cars, camera equipment, and cash.