Taking Fishing Pictures

When living on a lake you should expect more company and overnight guests but we enjoy sharing this beautiful place with others, so this is not an issue for us. Every time one of our guests catches a fish we take pictures. Every two months we develop films loaded with hundreds of fishing pictures. My husband and I started thinking about making a system which would allow our guests who caught fish to enjoy the pictures, as well.

Thus, my husband and I made up our minds to buy a digital camera. Now the camera is with us all the time, we take it every time we go fishing with our guests, so that we could take pictures when they catch a fish. After the day is over, we usually transfer the fishing pictures on our computer and print them. That way we give the photographs to our guests before they head for home.

This is a great gift for them which they highly appreciate because it reminds them of their fishing experience. This also saves us some time and money. Not only do we not have pictures piling up but we also should not mail the developed fishing pictures to our guests which cuts our expenses.

Purchasing a digital camera was a good investment as we are very pleased with the quality of the fishing pictures. Another thing I really like about it is that we can scan all the pictures but print only those which we want.

Once I started going through the pictures my husband and I have taken on our many fishing trips. The pictures are from all over the state of Minnesota and Canada. I decided to buy a large frame and put our best fishing photographs in. After that I will hang the frame in the living room where you have a magnificent view over the lake.

That way we will be able to enjoy these wonderful pictures all the time without having to look for them in our many albums. I will try to buy such a photo frame that will be easy to change the old pictures with new ones when I want to.

If the big frame with many fishing photos turns out to be a good idea I might place some frames in other rooms of the house as it is always pleasant to recall the day and the other people in the fishing pictures.